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S8 Oil Seal Canvas Bud Type Hydraulic Compact Seal Ring

Compact design 
Seal back reinforced with fabric
  • S8 TGO B18 LA

  • Reciprocating

  • Canvas

  • S8 TGO

  • Single


S8 Oil Seal Canvas Bud Type Compact Seal Ring

Also in type TGO, B18, LA

S8 Rod Seals for Hydraulic Applications Discover the exceptional durability and efficiency of S8 Rod Seals . These seals are designed to deliver optimal performance, making them a crucial component for pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders. Their primary role is to effectively seal the retracting and extending cylinder rods, preventing pressurized operating fluids from escaping and safeguarding the cylinders against contaminants. Whether it's for pneumatic or hydraulic systems, S8 Rod Seals offer reliable solutions tailored to various cylinder types and applications.
S8 Rod Seal: Enhanced Design for Optimal Sealing
S8 Rod Seals feature a one-piece design with a rubber head located in the cloth area. This innovative construction ensures robust sealing performance while maintaining efficiency. Whether used in hydraulic or pneumatic systems, these rod seals are engineered to provide a reliable solution for sealing cylinder rods, contributing to the smooth operation of the entire system.
Key Advantages S8 Rod Seal: Compact and Efficient The compact design of S8 Rod Seals ensures their compatibility with standardized housings according to ISO 5597. Installing these rod seals is a breeze, and they excel at delivering an excellent sealing effect even in lower pressure ranges. The inclusion of a fabric part further minimizes friction, promoting smoother movement and reducing wear within the system.
Discover the reliability and efficiency of S8 Rod Seals, optimized for a wide range of hydraulic and pneumatic applications. Their innovative design and exceptional sealing capabilities make them a valuable asset in enhancing the performance and longevity of your systems.

Applications Agricultural
forestry and construction machinery
Construction machinery
Fork lifts
Hydraulic motors
Hydraulic stands
Hydraulic systems
Industrial trucks
Injection moulding machines
Loading cranes
Piston rods
Rolling mills
Standard cylinders

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